Control & Measurement Systems
Motion Simulators Underwater Transducer Positioning System Underwater Acoustic Array Positioner Acoustic Test Tank Underwater Rotator

C&M Technology designs and builds special purpose equipment and material positioners which meet stringent design requirements. Precision rotators and positioners, which develop high torque and are pressure compensated have been produced for testing materials and systems in the deep ocean or laboratory.

Three axis position and motion simulators have been produced which are computer controlled with multiple feedback loops to provide accuracy's to 0.005 degrees. Six degree of freedom (DOF) position and motion simulators are under development.

C&M's multi-axis positioners typically allow either manual operator control with a digital display of linear or rotational position or they are controlled by the user's computer system and allow download of motion profiles with automatic logging of position data during a test.

Components employed in these systems are: stepper motors, servo motors, hydraulic pistons and hydraulic motors, resolvers and encoders.

C&M has years of expertise designing, building and installing high accuracy, remotely controlled positioning systems for hostile environments.

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