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C&M Technology has produced and installed a large motion simulation table for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI. Various types of equipment can be mounted on the table and subjected to the types of motion normally found at sea.

The motion table is a six-degree-of-freedom design that is electrically controlled and hydraulically powered. Six hydraulic cylinders support a platform, to which test items are attached. Complex motions in pitch, roll, yaw, heave, surge and sway can be performed under computer control. A high capacity hydraulic system, located nearby, provides the pressure and flow required to achieve the specified rates of motion.

Motion Simulator Features:

  • Synergistic Six-Degree-of-Freedom design
  • Design payload capacity: 1300 lbs. up to 62" above table surface, plus 500 lbs. at table surface geometric centroid
  • Approximate base dimensions: 110"W x 110"L x 64"H
  • Double knuckle bearing with quad-tapered rollers (no backlash)
  • Structural steel welded construction throughout
  • Programmable profiles: sinusoidal or complex motion

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