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Oceanographic Data Acquisition

C&M Technology, Inc. has developed a wide range of oceanographic data acquisition systems for government, commercial and educational institutions. We specialize in one-of-a-kind systems that record and telemeter data from hydrophone arrays, geophone arrays, motion & attitude sensors, meteorological sensors, etc.

Systems have been designed for submerged applications (depths to 20,000 ft), as well as for surface applications, where moored buoys are used. Many of these systems are autonomous and typically powered by battery packs, generators, solar panels, etc. We have designed a SEACAL data acquisition system that is a deep water, acoustic data collection system designed primarily for bottom-moored, subsurface applications.

We design and build buoys, pressure vessels, equipment housings, mooring equipment, etc. Our electronics capability includes analog, digital, and microprocessor design, embedded systems, printed circuit board design and fabrication, software design (C/C++, assembly, Basic, graphical user interfaces, etc.).

We have years of experience deploying and operating these systems at sea and are capable of supporting our customer's experiments anywhere in the world.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Custom-designed data acquisition systems for deep or shallow water
  • Self recording, autonomous, battery powered systems
  • Real-time RF data telemetry (VHF, UHF, L-band, S-band)
  • Hardwired telemetry via electrical or fiber optic cable
  • Acoustic line arrays (hydrophones attached to electro-mechanical cable)
  • Transducers and transducer arrays (thermistor, roll, tilt, heading, pressure, etc)
  • Geophone arrays
  • Environmental/meterological buoys and systems
  • ARGOS telemetry links
  • Drifter buoys
  • Buoyancy control systems

Feel free to contact us to discuss your application.

10 Channel High Speed Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)




64 Channel Underwater Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

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