Since its inception in 1984, C&M Technology has concentrated on the design and manufacture of control and monitoring instrumentation, and in the fabrication of complete systems to support acoustic and oceanographic data acquisition. C&M became thoroughly experienced in the development and testing of deep ocean systems employing instrumentation pressure vessels (IPV's), buoyancy materials, hydrophone arrays, data telemetry and control, and unique data processing and recording systems. This background promoted C&M's move into the design and manufacture of process control and instrumentation systems for test facilities. Projects included the design and fabrication of hydraulic systems, winches and mechanical handling systems, hydrostatic test chambers, heating and cooling systems, instrumentation for measurement, and control systems for test profiles and positioning.

C&M recently has expanded into turnkey project management and technical services. These areas encompass design, fabrication, testing and installation of equipment and systems for control and measurement of industrial processes, production equipment, factory automation and resource monitoring along with systems analysis, design studies and calibration services.

Our personnel consists of electronic and mechanical engineers with a support staff of designers, electronic and mechanical technicians, assemblers, and administrative personnel. This highly competent staff possesses extensive capabilities in the areas of electromechanical system design, fabrication, software/firmware development, and test support.

C&M has the experience to successfully deliver complete control, measurement, positioning and automation systems.

C&M has been integrated into Applied Physical Sciences Corporation's facilities in Groton Connecticut. The main office contains engineering and electronics lab space and separate building contain shop and assembly space.

C&M implements a government-approved inventory control system for all materials and has an inspection system in accordance with MIL-I-45208.

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